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About Arka Logistics Sdn Bhd

Arka Logistics Sdn Bhd is freight forwarder and customs broker operating from Malaysia ,offering premium logistics services to businesses worldwide. Our personal service, expert knowledge of freight forwarding and customs brokerage is unrivalled. Arka Logistics Sdn Bhd offers a wide variety of international import and customs brokerage services designed to suit the needs of businesses worldwide. Our Import department also handles the payment and processing of all duties/gst and tariffs on goods coming into the Malaysia facilitating the ultimate delivery of goods to our customers door. WCF extends special rates and service programs for frequent importers. Our team of logistics pro's and customs brokers are on call to handle all your international importing needs.

Arka Logistics Sdn Bhd clientele in export sectors includes small, medium and Multinational enterprises. Our well learned experience and professionalism in exporting goods through quality logistics solution help us in achieving customers around the globe. Our highly technical approach in handling the goods ensure client satisfaction for each and every freight regardless of the volume and destination.

Arka logistics Sdn Bhd is a full service freight (AIR, SEA, ROAD,WAREHOUSING) company throughout the globe.

Arka Logistics Sdn Bhd Vision

The company is organised into three business areas: international freight transport, distribution and other value-added logistics services. Our vision is to be a freight forwarder that can offer a wide range of logistics solutions to our customers to transport their products with full traceability, within the fastest transit times and at a reasonable cost. We aim to provide quality logistics services to our industrial shipping customers.Ensuring service excellence in terms of both deadlines and reporting and traceability processes and value-added operations.

Arka Logistics Sdn Bhd Mission

To solve unsolved problems softly & swiftly.